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Apartment facilities
Is the apartment airconditioned ?


All apartments are fully airconditioned.


Does the compound have a swimming pool ?
No as yet we only have 3 rental units which is not enough to justify having a pool hopefully as time passes by we will increase the facilities prioritizing the swimming pool.


Is the  accomodation suitable for people with limited mobility ?


The apartments are both of the first floor up .one flight of stairs making them unsuitable for people with limited mobility.


Do you accept pets ?

Although we are animal lovers we have a policy of no pets in order to eliminate any inconvenience or disturbance they may cause to other guests or your hosts.


What is your policy on smoking ?


We have a strict NO SMOKING policy inside the apartments, however guests may should they so wish smoke on the patio outside the aprartment. 


How many persons can stay at the apartment ?


Ideally the apartments are good for 2 or 4 persons however we can accept up to 2 extra  paying guests if we are notified before. Non paying guests will not be tolerated and will be asked to leave besides you would be risking the foreit of your security deposit.


Can tenants have visitors at the apartment ?


Visitors are permitted as long as long as the number at any one time is kept down to a reasonable amount of people. We also we prefer that they leave by midnight in order to avoid uneccesary crowding and disturbance to other guests and to your hosts.



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