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D.A.R about page.

Our aim is to provide a service which keeps you coming back.




Being travellers ourselves we try to provide a service which we would expect ourselves on our travels. 

Davao's accomodation in general has been lacking in different provisions sometime even the most unexpected like lack of electrical sockets, unbelievable but true some proprietors feel the need to have as little electrical sockets as possible thus saving on finishing costs and a false notion of less consumption.





If something is wrong we would like to know about it because its the only way we can put it right for the next customer and for yourself. Some of our clients maybe feel embarrassed to air any shortcomings they may have resulting in the problem being left unoticed. Do yourselves us and the next client a favour LET US KNOW we are here to give you the service you paid for.

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Call or text us   +63 929 812 7642
                      +63 920 200 2820
                   +356 99 499 273
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